Studio Art 3D presents 3D images of actors and musicians.

3D illustrations to movies and music clips.

Welcome  to  3D  stereo  world !


1. Hollywood. 3D image


   How to view 3D.  Parallel stereopair   

       Open photo in menu and use for viewing of a parallel stereopair  Head-mounted display  . Fine result you can reach by smartphone with special glasses else,  Homido for example. For PC you can to use stereoglasses  Loreo  Fix 3D Viewer or others.

You can view without glasses, if  horizontal   dimension of the stereopair not more 12 cm.  Set it by combination   of the key   Ctrl + (+/-).  ( Return is    Ctrl + 0 ).  If this immediately is not got,  view stereopair through two pipes diameter 8-15 cm.     When you get accustomed, you will view without pipes.

More info you can get  here :    Stereoscopy


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